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This revision guide is an audio download for all students of all ages whether you are studying at school, college or work. Listen to these revision techniques and follow all the recommendations fortest preparation to learn easily how to revise for success in your exams and tests.

"My step son LOVED your Revision Coach, he is a 34 year old man who always believed that he could not learn very well. Most of that belief has changed in the last week just from listening to your audio on a daily basis."


Section one of this audio provides structured and easy to follow guidance to enable you to retain information well and have excellent recall. Section two provides a guided relaxation journey tooptimise your learning power and integrate your learning. This has been carefully planned and structured to ensure that when the time comes for your exams you will be calm and relaxed and able to get the best results possible.
Your download also includes a free time management and revision timetable to help you plan effectively and organise your study.
Audio - 40 mins - Section 1- 20 mins - Section 2 -20 mins 


  • The secrets of successful revision
  • Your best time for study to get the best results
  • The optimum place to study
  • How to plan your revision
  • How to use your extraordinary brain
  • The second review - making revision stick
  • The third review - memory and revision techniques
  • How to maximise the evening before the exam
  • The optimum learning state for successful exams
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