Kate Benson and her team organise and deliver programmes specifically designed to meet your training requirements. Typically Kate discusses the specific outcomes you desire and works closely with you to deliver training beyond your expectations. All courses have an individually tailored manual created to our unique template that supports and enhances learning

Recently she has trained in Turkey, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands and of course the UK. Future courses are being planned in Italy, Costa Rica and Malaysia and India

Here are details of some of the recent programmes to inspire you.

What is NLP

Linguistic Intelligence with Children

Commissioned by PNL Italy

This one day seminar was designed to provide strategies and skills to support parenting. It focussed on the use of language to create self-belief, appropriate values and assumptions for children and young people to enable them to grow into happy and healthy adults. The participants were parents, carers, youth workers, and teachers wanting to improve the way they communicated with children and young people.

The programme included:

1. Talking the language of children.
2.  How to use language to gain commitment with children to the basic rules of living a happy life
3.  How to use language to help children learn really easily and enjoyably

‘Kate’s delivery was excellent.  The content was full of useful guidelines and positive actions to help raise children in todays challenging times.

Every parent and grandparent should attend Kate’s course.’

‘It was really great to meet you on the NLP Parenting workshop on Saturday and I would like to thank you very much for all the informations you gave and the lovely atmosphere during the day.’

NLP for Head Teachers and Managers

Commissioned by Mastermind Akademija.

This course provided an opportunity to a group of head teachers to learn a range of innovative techniques in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It introduced the skills and practices which have improved the effectiveness of managers over the past 30 years.

The programme included:

  1. The principles and skills of NLP to understand how attitude and behaviour impacts on staff.
  2. A range of strategies to ensure Head teachers achieve their goals and meet the needs of staff.


  • Increased effectiveness of communication
  • More ‘buy in’ for change in staff you manage
  • Effective persuasion skills to promote your case in meetings
  • Faster change and effective use of the time available

Dear Kate,

My English isn’t the best because I didn’t speak it for 10 years but I decided to thank you for your wonderful lecture in Ljubljana. It was inspiring for me. I don’t know yet how and when to start but some things you do is something I always wanted to do. I guess I have to modeling you.  I hope you come to Slovenia soon and we could meet again.

Kind Regards,


NLP for Headteachers
Kate Benson

Leading Edge Developments in NLP

Commissioned by Osman Jaan Aydogmus

This short talk was designed for those people who wish to keep ahead with the newest and most effective understandings and processes in the field of NLP. It explored how our new understanding of brain function can be harnessed through the latest developments in NLP.

Group size 60

Length 90 minutes

Thank you for your talk on Sunday. I am enthused by NLP and impressed with your level of knowledge

Secrets of Success

Commissioned by Sir Thomas Thursby Community college

This programme was designed for 15 year old students preparing to move to the next level of education, training or employment.   The learning was in bite sized chunks, with practical paired and group activities, encouraging personalised reflection through humour and active learning.

During the workshop students learnt skills and strategies to develop their:

  • Self-Management
  • Self-Belief
  • Motivation for Success
  • Attitudes that allow us to Overcome Obstacles
  • Interview Skills (making the right impression)

Group size 200

Length 2 days

We asked the young people what they found particularly helpful; some of their responses are listed here:

  • Tips for success to help me in the future
  • How to prepare for an interview
  • Good life skills for the future
  • Advice on never giving up
  • Everything x3
  • How to talk more confidently
  • Advice about working hard
  • Good body language
  • You can succeed at anything even if you think at first you cant
  • Learning to take every chance
  • How to be motivated
  • What to do in life to be successful
  • The activities
  • How to make a good impression in future interviews
  • The teacher was really encouraging
  • Practical because it was fun and interactive
Sir John Thursby College
NLP in schools

It’s all about the Learning!

Commissioned by NUCL

This programme combined the Society of NLP Practitioner Curriculum with our leading edge All about the learning programme to meet the needs of Hair dressing and Beauty therapy trainers who wanted to improve the motivation and success rate of their students. The training took place over 18 months to meet the staff development requirements of the organisation.

Group size 25

Thanks for the training last week; with rushing off to a meeting  I didn’t get chance to say.  Everyone enjoyed it and as usual, it caused much debate which carried on afterwards. All good learning!

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