NLP Learning Strategies

At the core of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) are NLP strategies.   NLP practitioners are supposed to find people who excel at something and find their NLP strategy. This means that all the smart NLP strategies are available to share with the world. This is a great in principle, but where are all the NLP strategies? In reality most people learn a couple of NLP strategies but then stop learning.

Kate Benson is different. For years she has discovered many wonderful NLP strategies in the field of education and learning. She currently has more than eighty NLP Learning Strategies and she is willing to share them with all of us. On the video to your right is an example of how one participant of Teaching Excellence speeded up her reading with Kate Benson’s NLP strategy for speed reading:

In the near future Kate Benson will write a special report about speeding up your reading. For now she has focused on another very interesting NLP Learning Strategy: Memory Pegs. This NLP strategy helps children, teenagers and people in general improve their memory.

shutterstock_83201413As a way for you to become acquainted with Kate Benson and her work, we are offering you the “Memory Pegs” NLP strategy free of charge. When you fill in the form below we immediately send you the free report “Memory Pegs”.   You will be added to our mailing list from which you can unsubscribe easily and fast if you want to.  However we make it worth your while to be part of this mailing list as you receive regular updates with more valuable NLP strategies out of Kate Benson’s strategies treasure trove. Requesting the free report is 100% safe as we will never pass any of your information on to third parties and you get more than you bargained for. You can now experience the high quality that Kate Benson has to offer. This is extremely important to us. That is the reason why we welcome any feedback on the free report “Memory Pegs” as well to any of the other eighty NLP strategies you receive over time. So without delay, request your copy of the free report “Memory Pegs” and experience for yourself how easy it is learn powerful ways to remember more and to teach other people to remember even better.

Kate Benson talks about a strategy for Speed Reading

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