Choosing the right course for you

With such an array of exciting courses it can be a challenge to know where to start. Click here for a guide to your journey

Here is a brief guide to which course to do and when.  Please feel free to contact Kate to discuss your requirements further.

New to NLP and interested in teaching, learning and Education

The NLP Cert Ed is the perfect place to start and no prior knowledge or training is necessary. This course can lead to your Practitioner qualification.

Already a Master Practitioner?

The Teaching Excellence course is right for you so you can apply your Master Practitioner skills to the field of Teaching, Learning and Education.

Society of NLP Trainers

The Teaching Excellence course is right for you so you can enhance your training skills and focus less on what you do and more on what your students are doing.

You may also want to take the NLP cert Ed so you can deliver this material once you take your skills to the next level with

Teaching Excellence – Trainers accreditation

This course is only available to Trainers who have taken the NLP Cert Ed (or fast track option*) and Teaching Excellence.

*The NLP Cert Ed fast track option is a two day programme to learn how to deliver the Practitioner material (which will be familiar to you) with an emphasis on Teaching and learning (which will be unfamiliar to you)