Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming

8 Days Training over two weekend modules

Location:   Isle of Wight, United Kingdom
Module 1:  18th – 21st May 2018
Module 2:  1st – 4th June 2018

Fee:           £1,800 plus vat

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NLP with a focus on Education and combined with the unique Certificate in Teaching Excellence™

This intensive 8 day programme is delivered over 2 modules of 4 days each with an integrated project and on-line support.

The first module builds on your Practitioner skills to develop powerful Master practitioner skills. The second module teaches you the skills for the Certificate in Teaching Excellence™ our unique programme, accredited by the Society of NLP. Existing NLP Master Practitioners may take module 2 independently of module 1.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ was created to allow us to help people achieve beyond what they could previously conceive, and we want to help you to continue on your journey of discovery and to NLP Mastery.

NLP was designed as an educational model. Even in the field of therapy, people are not broken , but uneducated as to how to utilise their own brains for the change they want. NLP enables you to make the changes in your own life that you desire and gain the determination to take the actions to achieve your goals. So first and foremost this course is for you! However you also learn powerful and effective ways to help others. As Richard Bandler says: ‘Before teaching, before learning, before knowing, begin with something more.   Teaching and learning and knowing must mean more than recapitulation. To teach, install good learning strategies. To make that worth having, do more. You can install in people something much stronger. Call it hope.’

This is our mission on this programme

This programme covers all the generic skills, processes and content of a Society of NLP Master Practitioner programme with the added benefit of the application of NLP to Teaching and Learning. This unique programme is the only Licensed NLP Master Practitioner for Education qualification, licensed and certified by the Society of NLP ™. (*The licence requires renewing every two years by the Society. This renewal process is free.)

Most importantly your will learn with humour and laughter, easily and enjoyably and learn how to pass your enjoyment to others.


Focus on the NLP Master Practitioner Programme.

Module One: Learn from the Master of Language, Owen Fitzpatrick, Kate Benson and the Meta team, all the skills and processes to become a Master Practitioner in NLP.

  • The fundamentals of NLP for mastery

  • Meta Resource States including input and output states

  • The utilisation of meta resource states with others

  • The meta model in depth

  • Shifting clients easily from the surface structure to deep structure.

  • Slight of mouth patterns used elegantly and effectively

  • The advanced use of the Milton patterns

  • Metaphors to inspire the imagination and create change

  • Inoculation against objections

  • Conversational Timeline work

  • Integrated use of Meta Programs with clients and students

  • Convincer Strategies for great learning and change

  • The difference between Modeling and Strategy Elicitation

  • Conversational Applications of NLP Techniques

  • Practical experience of the processes for installing new strategies or changing old ones.

Most NLP courses are generic or have a therapeutic or business context. This unique course takes NLP into the field of education and learning. You may have attended a practitioner and wondered how to integrate the learning into your practice as an educator. This course enables you to master your practitioner level skills and apply them thoroughly and effectively in the classroom, as a tutor or mentor and with your team.

Module Two: Learn from Kate Benson and the NLP education team to develop the flexibility of behaviour and range of skills so you can formulate your own effective strategies to promote learning, improve retention and motivate students. We share with you the results of our research projects which demonstrate the effectiveness of NLP in improving learning and show you how you can make the same quantum shifts in your teaching. We will also share with you training and persuasion skills for working with colleagues

Most of the knowledge we teach today will be outdated in 10 year’s time. Therefore the successful people will be the ones who can learn voraciously, and devour everything on offer to create something unique. There is much talk of ‘learning to learn’ This programme teaches exactly how to do this to make learning generative and fun so in the future our students will not merely hit targets but be on a quest for learning throughout their lives.

  • Deepen your use of NLP language patterns to create states of confidence, competence and excellence in learners

  • Learn to ‘set up’ learning for success

  • Learn our 6 keys to effective learning

  • Utilise specific states of consciousness to promote learning and create curiosity and enthusiasm quickly and easily

  • Control more of the variables more of the time in a teaching or training context

  • Create learning that is generative, fun and full of hope

  • Design strategies for learning

  • Use your voice effectively to deliver your message with confidence

  • Use the art of metaphor to create powerful transformation and deep learning

  • Create amazing audio and visual presentations that really work

  • Utilise podcasting, DVD and web skills to maximise learning

  • Experience the latest technology and brain wave research to empower learning

  • Expand your abilities to teach and learn outside of the traditional model

  • Change or eliminate inappropriate or undesirable behaviours

  • Use propulsion systems to overcome reluctance to learn

  • Discover effective persuasion techniques and the language of influence

  • Work with reluctant learners or members of staff

  • Explore our research into NLP and Education

Have more fun learning than you thought possible!

The course leader is Kate Benson, International Director of Education of the Society of NLP. Kate is an internationally recognised trainer and the only SNLP Master Trainer working in the education sector in the UK. She has 20 years experience in teaching and has taught hundreds of teachers to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

“Kate Benson is an expert in applying NLP in the education sector. She is thoroughly organised, highly skilled and the love for what she teaches comes across in her presentations. I guarantee you will have a thoroughly enjoyable experience.” – Richard Bandler, Co-creator of NLP™ and creator of DHE® and NHR™

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Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming

8 Days Training over two weekend modules

Location:   Isle of Wight, United Kingdom
Module 1:  18th – 21st May 2018
Module 2:  1st – 4th June 2018

Fee:           £1,800 plus vat

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